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Innovation without

The main features of gyroplanes:



  • A high level of safety in all areas of flight and wind speed

  • No tendency to spin and stall
  • Much higher resistance to turbulence and gusty wind compared to other aircraft

  • Easy landing in the event of engine failure


  • Very easy training
  • The high maneuverability (turn 180 degrees in two seconds, with a turning radius of 7 m)
  • A wide range of flight speeds from 30 to 180 km / h
  • Great view is not limited wings and parts of the superstructure
  • Ultra short takeoff and landing area of need


  • Compact dimensions, autogyro fit in the garage with a height of 280 cm
  • The relatively low cost of the training - less than 3000 euros (20-30 hours)
  • Low operating costs due to the simple structure – about 100 euros per hour

Creative Technology

Unique design

The unique gyroplane - thanks to the latest scientific knowledge gained attractive appearance, heavy duty construction with reduced vibration.

HES – High Energy Suspension

Unique, patented main landing gear - provides security, increases comfort of takeoff and landing. An additional advantage: depreciation of the front wheel.

AMS – Additional Modular Storage

Specially designed external mounting system allows to suspend an extra equipment and luggage.

PRHDS - Passive Rotor Head Damping System

The system used provides less perceptible structure’s vibration, increasing the comfort of the flight, improves the fatigue durability of the gyroplane extending its lifetime.

Application of gyroplanes

Gyroplanes have many market applications.

The product is intended for both the institutional and individual customer.

Gyroplanes can do very well in the following areas:

  • recreation
  • air sports
  • air transport
  • patrol flights (police, forest guard) and exploration
  • spraying of fields
  • photographic and inventory flights


Design and aerodynamics

Gyroplane’s cabin designed by specialists guarantees the highest ergonomics for pilot and passenger, both in terms of comfort and field of vision. Gyroplane has gained an original and unique look, and thanks to the aerodynamic advantages, appetite for fuel has been reduced. The starting point for the design and construction team was Boxfish – a fish, which, despite its shape of a cube is the aerodynamic ideal.

The modular design

Unique cabin in tandem provides any configuration with door-mounted option.

It allows to fly in all weather conditions.

For disabled persons

Adapted to the needs of people with disabilities - provides easy entry and exit.

Able-bodied in the air - your limitations on land are no longer relevant!

Technical data

Silnik: Rotax Turbo engine 120 KM

Weight “on empty” (Net Weight): 265 kg

MTOW: 500 kg

Max. speed: 180 km/h

Cruising speed: 140 km/h

Min. speed.: 30 km/h

The rate of climb: 1200 feet/min.

Take-off distance: 80m

Landing distance: 0-10m

Range: 600 km


Welcome to the world of NOVA!

NOVA is an interdisciplinary design studio, whose team  is comprised of designers as well as experienced construction and technology specialists.

The company offers a complex approach to design issues which allows it to carry out the complete process, beginning with concepts and sketches, through form definition and technological solutions, and into the production implementation stage. 

Emphasis is placed on maintaining the balance between a modern look, innovative solutions and functionality of the product.  Up until now, the team’s potential saw fulfillment in the cooperation with companies from the medical and aviation industries.


NOVA Sp. z o.o.
Pomorski Park Naukowo Technologiczny,
Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98
81-451, Gdynia POLAND